Daily Devotional - "Through the Eyes of a Cop"


Briefing: As LEOs, it is our job to be in control. We get called to situations where control has been lost and our job is to restore it. We have to maintain control of ourselves and the situations around us. That is just part of our job. I believe that if we let it, this can bleed over into every aspect of our lives. We have to guard against being control freaks.

Dispatch (Assignment): Who is in control? Read Matthew 8:23-27.

On the Street: Jesus is in a boat with some of the most experienced sailors in the area. Andrew, Peter, James and John have been fishing this lake all of their lives. These men were in control of this vessel.

What sin do you have in your life that you have "total control" over? You don't need help because you have the experience and know how to handle it. "You control it, it does not control you"; have you ever caught yourself saying this? How about this one, "I can stop myself any time I want"?

This must have been the worst storm the disciples had ever seen. These experienced fishermen and sailors could not handle what was happening. This was a storm they could not control.

Have you ever been in a storm/situation that you could not control? Maybe it was a bad call at work, or maybe a family fight? We have all been in situations that no matter how hard we tried we could not establish or regain control. In fact, the harder we tried, the worse it got.

I would be willing to bet that the disciples tried everything they could to maintain control of their boat. It was only when all else failed that they cried out to Jesus. Do you think there was a point early on in the troubled storm that they could have called to Jesus to "fix" it, but they just didn't want to bother Him? Was He teaching them a lesson? I think so. I need to relinquish control, ultimately it's a pride issue, and ask Jesus to step in before it's too late.

Highlights from this Read: This passage follows the lesson on being prepared and committed. Giving up control seems to be the next natural step in becoming a Christ follower.

Do you think the Centurion, that we read about earlier, would have been amazed at Jesus being able to calm the storm? Don't be afraid of Jesus using you for His service. He left the Centurion right where he was. Jesus' calling does not mean you have to go to China. He can use you right where you are, in your agency. Be a law enforcement officer for Christ.

Investigational Resources: Mark 4:36-41, Luke 8:22-25 and Matthew 14:22-33.

Officer Safety Principle: Be committed, be prepared and be willing to give up control of your life to Christ for what is He calling you to do.

from The Gospel of Matthew Through the Eyes of a Cop
©2012 by Charles Gilliland. Used by permission.

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