Who We Are

What is FCPO?

The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA (FCPO) is a nonprofit Christian ministry to the 800,000+ law enforcement officers across our nation. With over 260 local chapters established since 1974, FCPO has encouraged, equipped, and guided thousands of officers in discovering the hope and fulfillment found only in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA, through biblical truths and its members, cultivates and inspires Christian worldviews, values and actions to enable peace officers to transform their lives, families, organizations and communities with the power of Christ.


FCPO-USA's vision is to provide law enforcement with encouragement and hope that can only be found in Christ. FCPO-USA desires to provide inspiration and tools to fulfill their God given mission and minister to Christian law enforcement through a network of Christian peace officers.

Why law enforcement?

Law enforcement officers engage and perceive the world differently than others. They face what others fear. They typically see more tragedy, violence, pain and suffering in a week than most people see in a lifetime. Today’s anti-police climate places a huge additional burden on an already stress filled profession. As a result, divorce, domestic violence, alcoholism, and drug abuse plague law enforcement.

The suicide risk for officers is also higher than for the general population. They often question their value to society and whether it's all worth it. Officers often isolate themselves from those outside the profession and only trust their own.

How does FCPO make a difference?

Through local chapters, members, and the online community, FCPO brings Christian officers together in a welcoming environment for fellowship and support. They are encouraged to embrace their profession as God’s personal calling and understand that their service is to God as his tool for serving, protecting, ministering, and accountability. Resources and materials FCPO provides encourage spiritual commitment and growth within officers to create a firm Christian worldview, enabling them to engage the many challenges and difficulties they face daily.

Through local chapters and individually, FCPO members have opportunities to develop strong ties with fellow Christians in law enforcement. Working and praying together, our own spiritual growth is deepened as we encourage, support, and are accountable to each other.

I am thankful for your ministry, the testimonies I read, and for all you are doing in the law enforcement community!"

FCPO supporter, Georgia

What is the impact?

Committed Christian officers can take the love of Jesus into places and situations where civilians could never go.  Can you imagine the impact on society of law enforcement officers responding to every call for service with Christian compassion? Their changed lives have the potential to transform their agencies, their family lives, and the communities they serve.

How can I help?

Your tax-deductible gift to the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA provides sound biblical training, spiritual growth resources, fellowship opportunities, and chapter support to Christian law enforcement officers across the nation. Your partnership helps build spiritual maturity in their daily lives, enabling them to find direction and purpose in their profession and empowering them to reach their fellow officers with the life changing love of Jesus Christ.

Make your gift to FCPO-USA today. If you are unable to make a monthly commitment at this time, please consider a one-time gift.

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