Our Mission

Through active local chapters, FCPO-USA develops a Christian mindset in peace officers using biblical truths to transform their lives, families and communities.

Our Vision

FCPO-USA envisions every law enforcement agency in the nation staffed by disciples of Jesus Christ, responding to their families, communities, and every call with the love and compassion of Christ.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to transform law enforcement through the Word of God that they may impact their families and the communities they serve for Christ.

Law enforcement officers in the U.S. see more tragedy, sorrow, and human destruction in a week than most people see in a lifetime. They are engaged in a dangerous, high stress profession that often takes a toll on their personal, home and work lives, with a national 75% divorce rate, a 40% domestic abuse rate, and a 25% alcohol and prescription drug abuse rate. Today's anti-police media climate places a huge additional burden on an already stress-filled profession. The suicide rate for law enforcement is higher than the line-of-duty death rate; peace officers are killing themselves at a higher and faster rate than the criminal element. But…

The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA (FCPO) brings hope to those without hope in the law enforcement community. We are a 501 (c)(3) national nonprofit organization dedicated to ministering to the spiritual and emotional needs of local, state and federal law enforcement officers in the United States. With over 250 chapters across the nation, the FCPO brings Christian officers together, discipling, challenging, and equipping them to reach their fellow officers for Christ. Because of the common bond shared by those in law enforcement, FCPO members are often able to share their faith with colleagues considered "hard to reach" by others in the Christian community.

I am proud to be a member of this organization; the love and help they offer law enforcement is awesome. Please support the FCPO!"

FCPO member, Tennessee

Through the discipleship resources we provide to members, we have an opportunity to develop a Christian mindset in each officer using Biblical truths to transform his/her life, family and the community he/she serves.

The impact can be huge. Christian officers can take the love of Jesus into places and situations where civilians could never go. Imagine law enforcement officers across the country responding to every call for service with Christian compassion. Their changed lives and compassion for those usually looked down upon by society has the power to transform neighborhoods, cities and society as a whole.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA provides Bibles, discipleship materials, and chapter support to law enforcement officers across the nation, building spiritual maturity in their daily lives and empowering them to reach their fellow officers with the life-changing love of Christ.

Ruby Falls