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Cops of Faith

Welcome to the webpage for Cops of Faith Chapter 143. Chapter 143 was re-chartered through The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers in 2018 and its focus is to reach the Baltimore area as well as the surrounding communities.

One time I read something that said, "people turn to the police in their time of need, but where do the police turn to in their time of need?" It is a valid question. One of the purposes of Cops of Faith is for law enforcement personnel to have somewhere to turn to, to build friendships, and to come together.

We welcome you to join us. All active and retired law enforcement personnel from any jurisdiction are invited to attend. Sworn and non-sworn; after all, we are a family bonded together by that thin blue line. We would love to have you join the family gathering.


We meet the first Saturday of the month at Life Pointe Church (1701 Emory Rd., Reisterstown, MD 21136) at 0800 hrs. We have light refreshments, fellowship, and talk about how the Bible applies to law enforcement as well as our personal lives. For example, one discussion may be about the Bible's record of the world's first homicide or it may be about the Roman officer who demonstrated faith. 

Also, we meet the third Saturday of the month at IHOP (1316 Londontown BL, Eldersburg, MD 21784) for breakfast.

Lastly, every day, law enforcement offers across the world lay their life down for their fellow officers and citizens. Look at the statistics for line of duty deaths; the numbers are  staggering. What is even more staggering is that the God of the Universe responded to us in our worst of times. Jesus Christ answered the greatest call for service by laying his life down for all of humanity. In the midst of the chaos and devastation, the greatest hope now and for things yet to come is found in Christ. It is the goal of Chapter 143 to be a beacon that reflects that hope within the law enforcement community. 

For questions or additional information, contact Gary Cross at 443-386-8678 or Jacob Roos at 443-974-4154 or you can email us at [email protected]

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