Reaching cops for Christ through other cops

FCPO-USA's primary distinction from other Christian organizations is our focus on ministry to the men and women serving in law enforcement across the United States. 

The law enforcement community is a unique mission field with its own culture and set of challenges. Cops are a tight-knit group who trust and relate to other cops. The pressures they face are seldom understood by those outside the system.

We believe less than 10% of law enforcement officers nationwide are Christians. The answer to reaching cops for Christ is through other cops who view the law enforcement community as their mission field.

Through opportunities for fellowship, Bible study, service, and discipleship, FCPO members learn to:

  • provide support and encouragement to other Christian officers
  • become more effective witnesses for Christ to those around them
  • disciple and train others to join with them in carrying out the Great Commission 

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Coming together to encourage and support
one another.

Bible Study

Time spent daily in
God's Word is essential
for spiritual growth.


Making a difference by serving the needs
of others around us.


Applying God's Word and learning to be more like Christ every day.

Your support enables FCPO to continue to offer more resources and opportunities for spiritual growth to officers nationwide, building spiritual maturity in the law enforcement community that has the power to transform neighborhoods, cities and society as a whole with the love of Christ.

Make your gift to FCPO-USA today. If you are unable to make a monthly commitment, please consider a one-time gift.

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