What We Do

Discipleship is at the heart of everything the Fellowship of Peace Officers-USA is and does.

FCPO-USA's Cop 2 Cop Discipleship training is all about spiritual growth, becoming more obedient to the Lord and learning to be more like Him every day. It requires us, as believers, to respond to the Holy Spirit's prompting to examine our thoughts, words, and actions daily and compare them with the Word of God. we develop the spiritual maturity to overcome the temptations and pressures of daily life.

Members of the law enforcement community understand how important training is. Every department or agency in the United States conducts yearly training for their sworn employees. Some things will be taught each and every year without fail. When an officer needs to react, there is usually no time to think; seconds may mean the difference between life and death. That is why we train year after year and hour after hour.  We go back to the basics every year and start from the beginning so that what we learn becomes instinctive.

Every year, FCPO-USA brings chapter leaders from around the nation to Chattanooga, TN for our annual  FCPO Leaders Conference. First-time attendees complete our basic  Cop 2 Cop Discipleship training workshop. This is a yearly, officer-specific discipleship training course that will fully equip them to train the next generation of disciples within their chapters who will, in turn, disciple other officers and continue the process. Returning participants review this basic discipleship training each year, but may also take advantage of a variety of breakout sessions focusing on marriage enrichment, Biblical leadership principles, financial concerns, encouragement and help for law enforcement spouses, and other topics. Online follow-up sessions after the conference offer continued discipleship opportunities after attendees return home.


There is no other Biblical training specifically designed for law enforcement officers. This lack of training has resulted in the image of today’s law enforcement officers being tarnished. It has also contributed to the high number of failed marriages, domestic abuse, substance abuse and suicides. There has never been a more important time to train our peace officers to make an eternal impact on our law enforcement community and those in our nation they serve. Law enforcement is currently engaged in a spiritual battle and they need the strength and hope only Jesus Christ can give.

We strive to make these discipleship training opportunities available at little or no cost to the participants, as many officers provide for their family on a small salary and live on a tight budget. Your support enables FCPO to continue to offer more resources and opportunities for spiritual growth through sound biblical discipleship training to law enforcement officers across the nation. When you give to FCPO’s Cop 2 Cop Discipleship program, you become personally engaged in Christian disciple making.

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