Time spent daily in God's Word is essential for spiritual growth

We believe personal spiritual growth, through time spent daily in God's Word, is foundational to becoming the men and women God desires for us to be. As you read and meditate on God's Word, He will fill your heart with His truth, and will clarify and reinforce the things He has taught you.


To that end, we include a copy of our FCPO Thin Blue Line Filament Bible in each New Member Packet. This Bible from Tyndale House combines a premium Bible with the capabilities of a mobile device to give the best reading experience a print Bible can offer and instant access to more meaningful content than you’ll find in any one study Bible or devotional Bible. It also includes exclusive access to the Filament App. Simply scan the page you are reading with your device’s camera. Your phone or tablet recognizes the page and instantly connects you to content centered around that passage.

In addition to all the standard features this Bible offers,  our exclusive FCPO edition also includes material just for peace officers. This Bible allows peace officers to dig deeper into God's Word anytime, anywhere, with a complete library, overflowing with Bible study helps, available at their fingertips.

Study to show yourself approved by God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

2 Timothy 2:15 (Modern English Version)

In addition to providing a copy of the FCPO Thin Blue Line Filament Bible  for each new FCPO member, we are also working to put a copy in the hands of every currently active member. Your support helps provide these Bibles to our men and women in law enforcement across America.

Many of our FCPO chapters meet regularly for ongoing Bible study, and the tools and resources we provide help facilitate a more meaningful experience in God's Word, whether in group studies or personal devotions, and a deeper relationship with Him in their daily lives, both on and off duty.

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