A ministry to the Pinellas County law enforcement community

FCPO Pinellas (Chapter 76) is dedicated to providing a solid Christian support system to the men and women of Pinellas County, Florida's twelve Law Enforcement agencies, and beyond.

Cops Serving Christ is one of the main focuses for FCPO Pinellas – discipleship within the Pinellas Law Enforcement community.

We understand that Officers who become members have either accepted Christ as Savior, or are interested. It is up to us as a ministry to help these believers grow in their faith and ability to take the Gospel to the community.

Four Tasks. One Ministry. Serving Him.

We accomplish discipleship via several mediums:

Bible StudiesOne-On-One InteractionWeekly DevotionalMonthly Meetings Information for our discipleship mediums (studies, meetings, etc.) are sent out via social media and our newsletters.

FCPO Pinellas holds outreach as one of our two most important focuses. Outreach is so necessary to not only share about our group, but more importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Recognizing that the majority of Officers we wish to reach will not reach out to us, we understand the need to be involved in our local Law Enforcement community.

Upcoming Events

“Bold as a Lion” event – Date and Time TBD – Join members of the Pinellas County Law Enforcement community as they meet to discuss the difficulties involved in living a life and career sold out for Christ, and the hope we have in fellowship with other believers.

For more information about FCPO Pinellas:

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