Making the Most of your Membership

It all begins with you. FCPO ministers to the law enforcement community across the nation through local chapters. But there's a lot more to being a strong active chapter member than gathering for coffee and a devotional.

When you participate and get involved in chapter activities and community projects, you maximize the value of your membership investment. As a strong active member of your local chapter, you enhance the reputation and effectiveness of the ministry of FCPO. An effective chapter is an asset to the community and helps promote a positive Christian climate within the community.

Here are a few basic ways you can be a strong active FCPO member:

  • Attend and participate in chapter meetings.
  • If there isn't an FCPO chapter in your area, consider starting one. Click here to learn more about bringing the ministry of FCPO to your local community.
  • Participate in and support chapter projects, whether these involve service, fundraising, family activities, or other outreach to the community.
  • Assume a leadership role in your chapter. Consider serving as a chapter officer, or volunteering for a specific responsibility within your chapter. Respect and support other chapter leaders in their duties and responsibilities.
  • Welcome new members to help each of them become an active part of the chapter quickly.
  • Willingly support the national FCPO-USA ministry financially, and encourage fellow members to do the same. If you are a longtime FCPO member, set the example for younger members in this area.
  • Communicate effectively. Share information about and photos of chapter activities with the national home office whenever possible. Your updates can be an encouragement to other chapters around the nation, and give them ideas about ministry options in their communities.
  • Motivate others to get involved and remain engaged in your chapter's activities.
  • Be a role model. You are an ambassador of your local chapter and the national FCPO ministry. Each member represents the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers and carries a responsibility to reflect the Christian values of the organization in all that he or she does.

If you are an associate member, here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Pray for the national FCPO ministry and your local chapter. Pray for wisdom and strength for those in leadership positions, and boldness for members sharing their faith with fellow officers.
  • Be an advocate. Introduce your friends and family to FCPO and ask them to pray about joining you in supporting this ministry.
  • Contact your local chapter and ask if there are ways you can help facilitate a community service or outreach project.
  • Financially support the national FCPO ministry and your local chapter. Your gifts can have a huge impact in the lives of law enforcement officers in your community and across the nation.

Whether you've been a member for two weeks or twenty years, you can always make your FCPO membership go farther by taking an active interest in this ministry. You will get as much out of your FCPO membership as you put into it!

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