Our History

The ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers began in October 1971, when two Los Angeles Police Department officers went to Long Beach, California to attend a Bible seminar, unbeknownst to each other. Having recognized each other at the event, along with a number of other LAPD officers, they began meeting regularly to read and study the Bible . They also began to pray as to how they could effectively share Christ with lost officers around them.

News of these meetings spread through the department and ultimately, to the general public. Originally calling themselves the Fellowship of Christian Policemen, the group changed their name to the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers in 1972 to include members from all areas of the law enforcement community.

The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers was incorporated as a nonprofit ministry in 1974, and as news of the ministry spread, other Christians in the law enforcement community with a burden for lost officers began to form local chapters, reaching a total of 100 chapters by 1983.

I am so blessed to see that the FCPO is still vital and serving the Lord Jesus. It is great to see you continuing to bring law enforcement personnel closer to Christ.”

former FCPO chapter leader, Idaho

The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-Canada was founded in 1983, following a joint meeting between FCPO leadership and a number of interested officers in Canada. Hosting a number of FCPO chapters across Canada, the Canadian officers initially joined the organization as associate members but eventually recognized the need to be their own entity. Although operated separately, FCPO-USA and FCPO-Canada still partner together from time to time in various ministry endeavors. Of particular note, the two organizations together provided $150,000 and manpower to the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts in 2005.

The decision was made in May, 1988 to relocate the FCPO-USA National Office from Los Angeles, California to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  In 1992, the organization hired its first full-time director and the first FCPO-USA website was established in 2004.

Today, the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA continues to grow and impact the law enforcement community for Christ, with a membership of over 4,000 officers and over 250 local chapters across the United States.

To read more about us, Onward & Upward: A History of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers by Stephen Martini offers a complete, in-depth look at the history of FCPO, from its origins in the 1970s through its ministry to officers in the 21st century. Click here to learn more.