Our Ministry Model


Ministering to Those Who Serve and Protect

The ministry objectives of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA are to bring law enforcement officers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, provide Christian fellowship, and develop Christian maturity and spiritual growth through biblical teaching and discipleship. This spiritual growth is promoted in three distinct yet interconnected areas:

Personal Spiritual Growth

Personal spiritual growth is a choice and is necessary to deepen our relationship with God, creating a stronger faith. It is making Jesus the Lord of our lives. Growing in our spirituality is the desire to become righteous and more Christ-like every day. FCPO-USA promotes personal spiritual growth and maturity through:

   Operation: In the Word 
Operation: In the Word is a new ministry initiative designed to put The One Year Bible into the hands of as many men and women serving in the law enforcement community as we possibly can, making daily Bible reading easy and convenient. We believe personal spiritual growth is foundational to becoming the men and women God desires for us to be, and time spent daily in God's Word is essential to that growth, deepening our relationship with Him.
   One-on-One Discipleship
FCPO-USA encourages its members to utilize the Operation Timothy Bible study series, produced by the Christian Businessmen’s Connection (CBMC). This series provides the opportunity to build a discipling relationship with another believer, one-on-one.
   Online Resources 
A variety of tools for personal spiritual enrichment and encouragement are available on this website, including Through the Eyes of a Cop,  a daily devotional written by a police officer for police officers, video testimonies, audio recordings from past conferences, links to other Christian police resources, etc.

Family Spiritual Growth

If we are serious about loving God, we must be serious about showing His love in our relationship with our spouse and children. Has God convicted you to increase the spiritual life in your home? There are many habits and practices that can spiritually enrich and strengthen your family. FCPO-USA promotes family spiritual growth through:

   Chapter Activities
We encourage chapters to be intentional about inviting and involving spouses and children. Though specific activities will vary, we want chapter gatherings to be a time of positive Christian fellowship that enriches marriages and families.
   Marriage Retreats and Seminars 
FCPO-USA partners with FamilyLife to provide marriage retreat and seminar opportunities to law enforcement officers and their spouses at a discounted rate. Of the couples who have attended our programs thus far, there is a 1.7% divorce rate compared to a 75% divorce rate among law enforcement officers nationally.
   Financial Empowerment
FCPO-USA recommends the biblically based financial studies of Crown Financial Ministries, and makes them available to members at no charge through our partnership with RightNow Media. These studies are designed to gives couples the tools they need to overcome financial challenges and find the path to financial freedom.

Group Spiritual Growth

   Chapter Meetings
FCPO members meet regularly for Bible study and to pray for one another and the lost around them. Through local chapters, FCPO members develop strong ties with fellow Christians in law enforcement as they encourage, support and are accountable to one another.

   Community Outreach 
Although projects vary, FCPO chapter members engage in ministry to others by serving the poor, hungry, needy, and disabled in communities across the nation, meeting physical and spiritual needs.
   Leadership Development 
FCPO-USA partners with Pointman Leadership Institute to make leadership workshops available to our members. This instruction, built on time-tested, universal principles, helps attendees develop true character that equips them to serve with integrity, courage and humility.

   Online Resources 
Over 14,000 Bible study videos are available 24/7 at no charge to our members through our partnership with RightNow Media. Many of these studies are suitably formatted for chapter use in facilitating group Bible studies and discussions.