Frequently Asked Questions

We'll gladly answer any question you might have, but there’s a good chance someone else has already asked it. We've compiled some of the more common questions below. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, please click here to contact us.

   What is FCPO?
The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA (FCPO) is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) ministry comprised of Christian men and women from all areas of the law enforcement community. Through active local chapters across the United States, FCPO helps peace officers develop a Christian mindset using Biblical truths to transform their lives, families, and communities.
   What makes FCPO different from other Christian organizations? 
FCPO's focus is ministry to the men and women in the law enforcement community across the United States, and their families. Because of the common bond shared by those in law enforcement, FCPO members are often able to share their faith with colleagues considered "hard to reach" by others in the Christian community.
   Do FCPO members pay dues?
Not in the traditional sense. FCPO asks new membership applicants to commit to a gift to the national ministry of $5.00 or more monthly. These gifts are used to defray the expenses of the national office providing ministry support (staff, equipment, and materials) to the many local chapters across the U.S. Although additional donations from members are certainly welcomed, no other fees are required.
   How, then, does FCPO receive adequate funding? 
FCPO is a faith ministry, meaning we rely primarily on the generous monthly pledges and one-time gifts of our supporters to meet expenses. Your donation enables FCPO to minister to thousands of men and women in the law enforcement community across the nation.
   What do FCPO members do? 
FCPO members, through local chapters across the U.S., meet regularly to study the Bible, pray for one another and those around them, and plan "outreach" events/activities/services designed to be attractive to unsaved friends. Although specific events vary from chapter to chapter, these include breakfasts or luncheons with guest speakers, couples banquets, sports activities, weekend retreats, community service projects, and many more. At each event, the gospel is clearly presented and an opportunity given to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. FCPO members are trained in giving their testimony and leading others to Christ.
   What about spouses of peace officers?
Regular membership, open to all active or retired peace officers, also includes associate membership for spouses or future spouses of officers who are currently single. Additionally, there are resources coming soon on this website especially for spouses.
   Is FCPO-Canada part of your organization? 
FCPO-Canada is a separate entity, although we do occasionally partner together on specific projects. Founded in 1983, FCPO-Canada reaches out to officers across the provinces of Canada with the love of Jesus Christ. You may visit their website at
   Do you partner with any other organizations? 
Yes. FCPO-USA maintains strategic partnerships with other reputable organizations in order to combine forces and resources to reach common goals. Our ministries are supported by supported by FamilyLife Retreats and Seminars, Badge of Hope Ministries, Covered Law Enforcement, Pointman Leadership Institute, Christian Law Enforcement Resources, Sheepdog Safety Training, and occasionally by other organizations.
   I don't work in law enforcement. Can I join FCPO?
Yes! Joining FCPO is a great way to show your support for Christian men and women in the law enforcement community! Associate membership is open to all interested persons. Although FCPO meetings/activities are primarily geared toward those serving in law enforcement, your show of support, through associate membership, prayer, and monthly gifts, is a great source of strength and encouragement.
   How do I start an FCPO chapter? 
First, click here to complete and submit the chapter inquiry form.An FCPO representative will contact you with further information about starting a new chapter. 
   How do I find out if there is already an FCPO chapter near me? 
There are always new FCPO chapters starting up across the country. See all of our active FCPO chapter locations here.
   How do I make changes to my recurring gift? 
You are in full control of any changes you might want to make, such as the amount and/or frequency of your gift, or updating your card information. If you need to make changes to your gift, you may do so anytime by contacting the FCPO-USA National Home Office. Your request will be handled promptly.
   How can my gift to FCPO do the most good? 
FCPO-USA welcomes all donations, whether designated for a specific project or not. However, your gift to the general fund (where most needed) gives us the flexibility to address our most urgent needs at the moment. If your gift recurs on a monthly basis, it also helps form a reliable source of funding that FCPO-USA can count on to help us fulfill the mission of this ministry.